SEC Championship Recap: Roll Tide!

My first thought when I woke up: Man I hope Tebow cries tonight!

I didn’t realize that this game was set to be played in the arctic.  Facing 30 degree temperatures (with snow!) and 15 mph winds, all I could think about was keeping warm when our tailgate started.  After pitching our tent about four times (thanks to the aforementioned wind), we were finally able to settle in.  Over the far-off roar of Game Day celebrations starting around 10am, we began drinking our breakfast, mingling with jean-short-wearers and houndstooth-sporters alike next to the CNN center.   This continued for a few hours, until Bama was picked to win.

It was at that time that the sun came out, and I knew that we were headed for victory.  The burgers and beverages continued until about 3, and then fans started flowing into the game like lemmings.  Whether you were rooting for the right team or the other team, there was a distinct buzz in the air.  Whether it was the static electricity from Florida Fans’ Jorts swishing as they walked, or raw talent from Tuscaloosa filling the dome, I couldn’t tell you.  But, everyone was so excited to see what promised to be one of the greatest games in recent history.

Every seat in the house quickly filled up with a block of blue and orange taking over half the stadium, and the other (better) half wrapped in a sea of crimson.   Everyone was jumping, yelling, and there was enough electricity from the football faithful that the power in the dome could have gone out for hours but the lights would’ve stayed on.   After kickoff, the contest was less about who could score the most points, but who could be loudest when the opposing team had the ball.  Judging from my inability to speak today, I’d say we won that contest just as handily as we did the game.

Halfway through the quarter, when things were looking up, I didn’t want to make a move.  Glued to my seat, I refused to be the one who jinxed the win by celebrating prematurely.  But that celebration came after the final seconds ticked off the clock and they popped Tebow’s weepy eyes up on the big screen when the stadium, including me, erupted in a roar.  We didn’t let him write that final chapter of his legacy, and it felt good.

My productivity this week has been completely shot as I look for tickets to Pasadena, but I can’t wait to get out there.  I’ve been quietly chanting RammaJamma at my desk and I’m pretty sure the team who sits around me is about to kick me out of the office.  Victory tastes so sweet – first some gator filet, now on to some Grade-A Longhorn steak.

My last thought before I passed out:  I hope ole Timmy is still crying…. WAHAHAHA

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