Guest Entry: A Camp Sunshine Camper Speaks

Today’s guest blog comes from Ron Williams, a former camper and current counselor and director at Camp Sunshine.

Every kid should get the opportunity to go to summer camp at some point in their childhood.  I do not wish for any child to be in the position to attend Camp Sunshine, but I am truly grateful that I was.  You see, to “get in” to Camp Sunshine, one has to satisfy two specific criteria- first you have to be a kid, which is easy enough, but secondly, you must have been diagnosed with cancer.  At camp, there are little kids with leukemia, teens with tumors, and a bit of everything in between…some are on active treatment, some are survivors, and some have stopped their therapy.  But whatever brought them there, Camp Sunshine holds a special place in the hearts of its campers…and this I know from experience.

I was a 14 year old soccer standout when a nagging pain in my left shin turned out to be osteogenic sarcoma- bone cancer.  I spent my first week at camp shortly after the amputation of my leg below the knee and in the middle of my chemo.  I was pretty down in the dumps, but camp lifted my spirits and showed me that life could go on, better than usual even.  I learned how to water ski on one leg (a real slalom), a skill that ended up earning me a college scholarship for skiing at Georgia College.  After college, when skiing competitions were less available, I switched over to cycling, and after a few years of hard training, earned a spot on the US Paralympic Cycling Team in 2000, 2004, and 2008, bringing home a bronze and a silver medal from the games in Athens.

As proud as I am of these achievements, I am more proud of my continued involvement with Camp Sunshine, starting with four years as a camper, and now as a member of the board of directors and as a counselor each summer.  I attribute all of the good things in my life, directly or indirectly, to camp…it was there I learned about setbacks, survival, and success.  Camp Sunshine made me who I am, and I am forever grateful.  Without the encouragement of the counselors, directors, and other campers at Camp Sunshine, my life would have turned out very differently.


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