Facing the end of the ‘Oughts – Elisa chimes in

What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?  This question is on the tips of people’s tongues around the RaceTrac Store Support Center.  It’s funny how quickly people get over Christmas.  It just happened, and now everyone’s discussing New Year’s Eve, not how their holiday weekends were, or the time spent with family.  I tell myself that we’re all just Christmas’ed out because holiday tunes have been on the radio since OCTOBER!?   Anyways, back to the question…what ARE you doing for New Year’s? Have you decided to drop a fortune on a big bash, save cash and go to a friend’s house, or throw a party yourself asking friends to BYOB? It is a tough decision. I’ve done the big bash before and really enjoyed it (disclaimer: this is partially because I am always excited to buy and wear a new party dress). I’ve also tried the opposite of a party and escaped to the mountains for the weekend to completely unwind (which was a big hit). Last year, a few good friends of mine hosted shindigs, so I got to party-hop.

But this year I have been a little scroogey. I’m enjoying the single life (I just started singing, “All the single ladies,” join me, won’t you?), so the mountains are a no-go. No one I know is hosting a party (and don’t think I haven’t tried bribing someone,) and I am not super pumped about dropping big bucks to stand in a crowded room with a bunch of strangers. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, rely on my friends to make good decisions for me….of course! I have a friend who’s been living in Europe for a few years, and she always comes home for the holidays. This friend, along with a bunch of other girls from college found the anti- party and it looks like I am all-in. This little anti-party boasted the lowest ticket price in town which piqued my interest (sigh, that was only for the first 500 people, then the price went up $20). So, I’ve now purchased my ticket (at the higher price…hello!  I am a huge procrastinator) and am attempting to mentally prepare for the big event.

My first attempt to mentally prepare will be in the form of a shopping excursion (which always gets me in the mood for a party!) My second attempt will be probably be another shopping trip to make sure I have enough dress options to choose from. I haven’t quite figured out what else will get me excited about this event… so I end up back where I started, in full-on Scrooge mode. I am sure it will be fun (because I will be surrounded by my wonderful friends!) I just need to ignore the office NYE babble and focus on the memories of Christmas. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!

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