RaceTrac’s College Colors: Clemson Edition

Today’s guest entry comes from Dayna in our Marketing department.

I can’t say that I was one of those people who always knew where they wanted to go to college.  Although I grew up 10 minutes from Clemson University and my mom and aunt have both worked for Clemson for years, I was never sure what path I would take.

My path became very clear when I began applying for colleges as a high school senior.  I quickly realized that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in debt, just to attend Wake Forest.  I told my parents that I would attend Clemson on one condition –I could live on campus.  Luckily, I had enough scholarships to make this a possibility and my parents let me spread my wings.

As a freshman, I remember walking briskly to class one morning and thinking – “WOW, I really like this place”.  The freedom of being in college, the picturesque campus, friendly students and teachers, I was on a HIGH!  My parents were only a few miles down the road, but they seemed liked worlds away!  I had the freedom of being away from home, but the comfort of knowing that if I needed anything, they were close by.

So why doth my blood runneth orange?  I think most people would say the football games, and there is something exciting about joining 80K other people decked out in orange and white to cheer on a group of guys about to run down “the Hill” into Death Valley.  But I would say my love for Clemson is partly due to the sports teams, but more so about the people and setting.

There is something peaceful and serene about the way Lake Hartwell borders this sleepy college town, that erupts into fervor and all out pandemonium on game days!  With 16,000 undergraduate students, Clemson provides the perfect balance for new students.  You have the choice of getting lost in large class sizes as a freshman, but the one-on-one intimacy of 20 person English classes.  People on campus always refer to the “Clemson family” and it’s so true.  Although I left my real family for college, I joined a bigger family who likes to wear a lot of orange and have a pre-game beer at the Esso.

Clemson ended up being the perfect place for me.  I was able to study abroad and see some of the world, I was able to make lifelong friends and get a great education at a reasonable price.  Probably the best part of being a Clemson tiger is going back occasionally and feeling like I’m going back home, the people are just as nice and the crowd is just as boisterous as I remember!