A Bulldog becomes a RaceTrac Intern

When I walked into RaceTrac for the first time I had no clue what to expect. Within two weeks of the All Stars Summer Internship program I found myself fully immersed in the company culture and surrounded with a helpful family of coworkers. Each intern balances their normal project workload from their specific department as well as a cross departmental group project. The project is a great way to be exposed to all levels of employees from across the company as you work towards solving a challenge that affects the entire company. This summer I worked with a team of five interns, each from a different discipline, on a project entitled marketing to millennials. We started with a broad project scope and quickly narrowed the scope to targeting college students with a college football themed promotion.

While I spent 20% of the internship meeting with my group to develop our project, I spent the majority of my time in the HR department as a recruitment intern. I arrived at RaceTrac with no idea of how a successful Human Resources department operates or what it meant to recruit. One of my fellow recruiters became my mentor and taught me every part of the recruitment process from the ground up. I shadowed her, read insightful articles, and was quickly assigned my first group of positions to fill. Joining and being welcomed by my recruitment team with such openness and eagerness for my development was an invaluable gift. Not only have I received extensive interviewing and hiring process training, but I have developed into a young HR professional.

My biggest success over the course of the summer was when I made my first job offer to a candidate. It was extremely exciting to build a relationship with a candidate, become their advocate within RaceTrac, and extend them an opportunity to join and bring strength to our team. I would recommend the RaceTrac summer internship to all college students considering the program is well planned including valuable face time with the entire executive team, a strong mentorship element, as well as an opportunity for ownership of significant work in each intern’s department. While many of my peers from UGA toiled over filing papers and filling coffee orders for their boss, I excelled during the RaceTrac Internship and gained invaluable real work experience.


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