Georgia RaceTrac Employees Step Up During the Snow Storm

While the state of Georgia was brought to a screeching halt about a month ago, RaceTrac was proud to stay open for business, with every store open each day. This would not have been possible without our remarkable people. These associates and managers took it upon themselves to lead by example. While other convenience stores in the area were closed, our employees did what was necessary to ensure our guests were taken care of. One guest even said we are more reliable than the Post Office, which says a lot about how our guests value our efforts and dedication. In honor of how great of a job our stores did, our executive team took the past month to go out to each store individually to thank them.

There were many associates that became RaceTrac taxis during the storm. Our dedicated team members jumped in their cars and drove all around the state on the icy roads to pick up their whole teams. When people needed rides home, the team members jumped back into their cars and drove them home as well. They also picked up people from other stores just to make sure each store was staffed each day. Some associates took the initiative to stay in a hotel near their stores the night before the storm, just so they wouldn’t miss work the next day. Many associates had to be at work once the snow had fallen, and instead of calling in, they simply walked to work, some over 10 miles! Associates that could not make it into work called other employees that had the day off and found ways to get their shifts covered. Double shifts and triple shifts were not uncommon during the storm and we even had a couple associates who went well beyond the call of duty and worked over 24 hours straight. Safety was our number one priority during the snow storm. Every action taken by RaceTrac associates was 100% voluntary, which shows how much our employees feel like our family. It was a remarkable week that showed how much personal responsibility and dedication our employees have when it comes to serving the RaceTrac guests.

We thank all RaceTrac Georgia Region employees. Without you, there is no way we could do business on a day-to-day basis. 

Area 1:
RT 75- Shawn
RT 80- Adrienne, Josh, Trent
RT 118- Katie, Sandy, Camille, Tiffany, Jerry
RT147- Brandi, Cody Moyer
RT213- Melissa, Alison, Steven
RT289- Paul, Tara, Barry
RT350- Jeanne, Lisa
RT354- Bob, Nichole
RT543- Kristy, Jacob, Chuck, Stephanie, Anthony
Area 2:
RT52- Erica, Tajuana, Amber, Aaron
RT114- Eddie
RT120- Danielle
RT247- Hunter, Amanda
RT396- Tommie
RT434- Kristi, Gilbril
Area 3:
RT53- Joseph, Lornel
RT76- Julie, Thomas, Ashley
RT78- Edith, Maggie, Jeff
RT122- Tabias
RT140- Eddie, Stacey, Chase, Erica
RT256- Dan
RT417-Lawrence, Julie, Matt, Chris
RT439- Jadi, Vanessa, Rashad
RT453- Ernestine, Maurice
RT610- Sharon, Dan, Chris
RT636-Sherese, Lauren, Afton
RT660- Brittany, Yvonne
Area 4:
RT72- James, Ann Marie, Curtis, Jerrod, Carolyn
RT110- Rodney, Jarred, Marcus, Darren
RT182- Alvin, Christine, Angie
RT298- Beth, Robbie
RT415- Dominique, Mitch, Orlando
RT495- Melanie
RT500- Melissa
RT511- Elton, Manga, Jerry, Sidney, Rebecca
RT635- Demetrius
RT662- Merrill
Area 5:
RT55- Keenan
RT94- Ashley, Shannon, Atonya
RT124- Justin, Douglas, Quantane, Jermaine, Dwayne, Alfred, Sonya, Tim
RT158- Robert
RT234- Andrew
RT301- Ashley
RT467- Brint, Belinda, Jacob, Chaka, Brandon
RT 623- Robert, Roger Taran, Howell
RT687- Gina, Ivan, Armando, Stanly, Jean
Area 6:
RT51- Charles
RT74- Ross, Ashley
RT270- Artrick
RT284- Robert
RT285- Octavia, Jeffrey
RT621- Michael
RT625- Cam

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