My Favorite Food Spots in Baton Rouge

Marlon Checks in Again

I think when it comes to good food everyone has their favorite spot. I have several great spots in Baton Rouge that I visit quite often. Some might even call them my second home!

If you are hungry, Baton Rouge is the place for you! We have several restaurants that are ready to ply you with all kinds of good eats, no matter your taste or preference. If you like food (and who doesn’t?), prepare yourself for restaurants that specialize in everything from American food to Italian food. Looking for a place to splurge? Book a table at Sullivan’s Steakhouse or Flemings Steakhouse and you’re sure to impress. If you’d rather kick back in jeans and a T-shirt, count on Chimes, where the ambience is relaxed and the food always satisfies. Maybe you’d rather check out something that’s more casual and laid back? For those people, I would recommend Portobello’s Italian Grill & Café.  These are all great options if you are hungry in Baton Rouge.

As you can see, I have a passion for great food. The hard work has been done for you, so what are you waiting on? Go eat!!!

Some Health Tips for the Spring

Marlon, One of Our Field Employees, Chimes in

Winter is nearing its end and spring is not far away. However, the weather seems very volatile. The ever-changing weather causes many health problems to people. In order to keep a healthy body, I have a few tips for people to deal with the various temperature changes out there.

I like to use brown sugar and ginger water to prevent a cold. Cut ginger into pieces, then cook it with brown sugar. After ten minutes of boiling, you can drink it. The ginger water could make the body warm, increase energy, activate blood, accelerate blood circulation, and help people, especially elderly and young children, to fight against the cold climate. This is a great way for your body to feel better while fighting illnesses. This has always helped me stay healthy during harsh weather.

Use local resources to do exercise at home. For the cold, people should not merely have a passive defense. I try to take the initiative to increase my own exercise and you can too. You can choose some open space at home to do some specific exercises, or you could do any basic physical activity. Try to start out at 1-2 times a day. Over time, you can increase the quality and quantity of your exercise.

For people who aren’t used to doing anything to enhance their health, these are just a few methods I like to use to stay healthy during the spring season. A small change in a person’s lifestyle can be a big difference.

Moving back with parents after college

At the end of my high school days, it was time to get out of the house. I had already started to develop some independent habits for myself. It was time to take these habits and form a lifestyle in college. While in college, I was able to learn how to balance my newfound freedom with discipline. However, when it came to moving back into my parent’s house after college, I didn’t know what to expect as far as freedom goes. I am used to having things done my way, all the time. So I was very nervous and anxious to get back to life at home. Overall, it has been a fantastic experience. Here are the three best things and three worst things about living with my parents again:

1. Chores- So now that I am home I am responsible for one thing only: My room. When I was at school, I was responsible for a room, a hallway, a staircase, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Now, as long as I keep my room clean, my daily chores are done.
2. Money-I get to make my own money working every day, and not spend them on the day to day normal expenses of life. These expenses are paid by my parents and they include food, laundry detergent, fuel (@ RaceTrac of course), and many more. Not to mention rent and utilities.
3. House life- Being back in a house is an awesome. I loved apartment life, but at the end of the day there wasn’t enough room for all the things I wanted to do. Not to mention it’s my parent’s house with the stuff I grew up with in every room (sentimental value is so underrated).

1. Chores- The best part is also the worst part. With a house five times bigger than my apartment, cleaning is a weekly activity rather than a daily run-through. If I am home on a Saturday, I am guilted into doing yard work, something I haven’t done since high school. Once or twice a week, I am in a kitchen cleaning dishes four people ate on, rather than one. I don’t have to do these things, but if I didn’t, I would be a bad housemate.
2. Food- Beggars can’t be choosers- I get that. But I like food my way. I eat pretty healthy, so when my dad cooks, he says “you can have it two ways, my way or none at all.” And he cooks whatever taste good so sometimes I go without, sometimes I eat unhealthy food. Either way I’m unhappy.
3. TV- Now that I am back home, after dinner we all sit around the living room and watch TV. There are usually four people in the room. If I am living in college, I am watching the Braves every night. But I don’t always get my way living with four people. I would rather sit in the living room with my family watching Dancing with the Stars than alone watching the Braves. A lose-lose situation.