Project Open Hand, A Giving Experience

 As interns at RaceTrac, we decided to participate in a volunteer event at Project Open Hand, a charity that provides meals to persons with disabilities.  Arriving early on a Saturday morning, none of us knew what to expect out of this experience.  We were quickly shuffled into a meeting room where we had to sign liability waivers, and were shown a video on the charity.  Having an idea of what we were now getting into, it was time to suit up!  Project Open Hand really goes above and beyond when it comes to food safety.  I know what you’re thinking, hairnet right?  WRONG!  They decked me out in full food safety garb, that’s right, beard net, apron, and arm hair sleeves. I seriously looked like a hazmat operator/Santa Clause. 

After suiting up, we went into the kitchen where it was time to commence working.  To be honest it was actually a very efficient operation.  I was impressed with how many people lend their time to this organization that is dedicated to helping other people.  They were appreciative of the help that everyone was able to offer and they were dedicated to their cause.  Project open Hand delivers 4,000 meals a day in the Atlanta Area and being a part of this process gave me a greater appreciation for what they actually do.  Project Open Hand is responsible for helping many people in the area and they do it all out of their willingness to help others.  This was a great experience for me and opened my eyes to all the good that Project Open Hand does in the community.  I want to take the time to thank RaceTrac for organizing this event and allowing me to be a part of it. 

-Rachel Beauchamp, RaceTrac Intern

The Perfect Formula for Summer Fitness: Part 1, Food

Summer may not officially begin for a few more weeks, but Ariel’s summer fitness formula has! As promised, the first official component of the perfect summer formula has arrived. Food.

FOOD: Food and Fitness? How can it be remotely possible that food can lead to fitness? Especially when my late night food runs continually seem to pose the age-old question, “Do you want fries with that shake?”

My typical work week involves early mornings and quite a bit of scrambling. From jumping in the shower to getting dressed and organizing my day, there is little leeway time for extra activities, including breakfast. How can I possibly catch the latest celebrity scandal on Good Morning America, if instead of scrambling for my belongings, I have to scramble eggs?

While who was voted off last night’s episode of American Idol is very serious business, eating breakfast is quite essential to maintaining a healthy body weight. Just a quick breakfast can lead to healthier dietary decisions and hold over hunger until lunchtime.  Plus, breakfast provides essential nutrients and vitamins giving one the energy for their workday.

As the summer sun rises with a glaring hot orange color, so may The Krispy Kreme sign, but a breakfast of fiber and protein is where it’s at. Grabbing a yogurt and topping it off with granola or fruit may be a tasty treat, or perhaps you want to get all Rachel Rae and prepare an omelet, either way eating a healthy breakfast is the first variable to my perfect formula for summer fitness.

A little breakfast in the morning certainly gives me a little extra incentive to finally answer, “Yes, I do want fries with that shake.”

Summer Kisses,
The Brand Management Intern, Ariel

The Perfect Formula for Summer Fitness

Ariel, an Intern, gives her tips to a successful summer:

Summer has arrived. The weekend forecast predicts it is time to whip out the bathing suits, lay by the pool and of course eat tons of ice cream!  But, the real question is how to snack on my favorite chips, sip on my favorite fountain soda and still be ready for that beach weekend family photo.

Like any other employed person’s workweek, my weekdays are busy and my weekends crave relaxation. In order to ensure the most important components of my summer are fulfilled; ending my work days with reality television marathons and spending my weekends in the sun, I had to create the perfect summer formula for fitness. While this quick weekly mathematical calculation may not be full proof, it will surely be a hoot, and hey laughing is a great exercise!

So, follow along as I equate the ideal way to spend summer.

My perfect formula for summer fitness involves only the most important things food, fun, free, friends and floaties.

Summer Kisses,
The Brand Management Intern,

My Favorite Food Spots in Baton Rouge

Marlon Checks in Again

I think when it comes to good food everyone has their favorite spot. I have several great spots in Baton Rouge that I visit quite often. Some might even call them my second home!

If you are hungry, Baton Rouge is the place for you! We have several restaurants that are ready to ply you with all kinds of good eats, no matter your taste or preference. If you like food (and who doesn’t?), prepare yourself for restaurants that specialize in everything from American food to Italian food. Looking for a place to splurge? Book a table at Sullivan’s Steakhouse or Flemings Steakhouse and you’re sure to impress. If you’d rather kick back in jeans and a T-shirt, count on Chimes, where the ambience is relaxed and the food always satisfies. Maybe you’d rather check out something that’s more casual and laid back? For those people, I would recommend Portobello’s Italian Grill & Café.  These are all great options if you are hungry in Baton Rouge.

As you can see, I have a passion for great food. The hard work has been done for you, so what are you waiting on? Go eat!!!

Some Health Tips for the Spring

Marlon, One of Our Field Employees, Chimes in

Winter is nearing its end and spring is not far away. However, the weather seems very volatile. The ever-changing weather causes many health problems to people. In order to keep a healthy body, I have a few tips for people to deal with the various temperature changes out there.

I like to use brown sugar and ginger water to prevent a cold. Cut ginger into pieces, then cook it with brown sugar. After ten minutes of boiling, you can drink it. The ginger water could make the body warm, increase energy, activate blood, accelerate blood circulation, and help people, especially elderly and young children, to fight against the cold climate. This is a great way for your body to feel better while fighting illnesses. This has always helped me stay healthy during harsh weather.

Use local resources to do exercise at home. For the cold, people should not merely have a passive defense. I try to take the initiative to increase my own exercise and you can too. You can choose some open space at home to do some specific exercises, or you could do any basic physical activity. Try to start out at 1-2 times a day. Over time, you can increase the quality and quantity of your exercise.

For people who aren’t used to doing anything to enhance their health, these are just a few methods I like to use to stay healthy during the spring season. A small change in a person’s lifestyle can be a big difference.